Step-by-Step Guide to Access the Hidden Wiki: Open Dark Web

The hidden wiki is a minor part of the dark web. If you want to access this site, you will need special links and a Tor browser. People are interested in this site and many other similar sites to get drugs, illegal videos, illicit content, firearms, etc.
To access the hidden wiki, you have to understand the dark web. It is necessary for your safety. People prefer this web for human trafficking, drug dealing and black hat hacking. Moreover, it is possible to get a hitman from the dark web without revealing your identity.

Hidden Wiki Link

Tor Onions

To access the hidden wiki, you will need an encrypted platform known as Tor onion. This browser will help you to hide your identity on the internet. Remember, you will need a URL to access the hidden wiki. It is not possible to share a perfect URL because there are numerous mirrors and alternative links. For instance, you can use it http://hiddenwiki7wiyzr.onion/ to browse the hidden wiki.
The hidden wiki and numerous other websites allow you to purchase stolen data, credit cards and other information for Bitcoins or another cryptocurrency. If you want to explore the deep sea of the dark web, you have to prepare yourself for this journey. Here are some essential things to do:
Start with a VPN
VPN services are necessary to access the deep/dark web. It will give you an extra layer of security. Even if you are not interested in illegal activities, you will need this additional protection. Remember, by browsing the dark web; you will be in hot water sooner or later.
Keep it in mind that your carelessness may enable authorities to intercept your connection request to the darknet. This reason is enough to confiscate your computer and search for your home. For this reason, you have to download a VPN before messing on the deep/dark web.

Adequate Browser

Avoid using your default browser to search anything on the dark web. Popular browsers, such as Firefox, Opera or Chrome, have exclusive tracking technologies. For this reason, your activities will be visible on the radar of authorities. Before searching anything about the hidden wiki or any other site, you have to download and install Tor.
A traditional browser mediates between the site and search request of the user. Your query will be evaluated through the DNS ISP’s. Sometimes, you need other resources to consult things. If you are using Tor, a search query will bounce around multiple relays of Tor before completing a search request. Tor relays mean conglomerate of servers that are managed by volunteers or companies. Always remember that you are dealing with the dark side of the internet. In this situation, intractability and secrecy become inherent.
Tor relays store your information and volunteers deal with this data. If you are accessing a dark web .onion, you have to install a VPN. It will become a tunnel to encrypt signals. Remember, your internet service provider (ISP) will not have any clue about your search trends. No doubt, he can see that you are going to access a Tor node.
From this node, you will be redirected to another node and keep you anonymous. In this situation, it will be difficult for anyone to trace you. People try to choose between Tor and a VPN. Remember, you will need maximum precautions to stay anonymous. For this reason, you can’t choose between them. You must have both for extra security layers. Both things work in tandem to tunnel your way toward the darknet.

Tor Or VPN

It sounds challenging to choose one because both are important. If you are using Tor instead of VPN, you will connect to a VPN service before using a Tor browser. No doubt, it is the safest method to access online links.
Keep it in mind that Tor is a great anonymizer and VPN can protect your privacy. If you prefer Tor over VPN, then Tor is responsible for encrypting your request. It will be passed through an ISP unhindered. Now this request will access a VPN server to conceal your IP and wipe geo-restriction tags. In this way, you can avoid numerous other elements, such as tracking requests from the government.
In the next step, Tor entry nod will receive your request to transfer to relays. It will get slingshot to numerous Tor exit nodes. Finally, your application will be coordinated with a suitable website. It is an effective but tricky method to access the hidden wiki.
In this method, you can avoid the recording of session logs, such as IP address, metadata. Your traffic will be completely encrypted. Remember, in this method; you will not get protection from malicious tor exit nodes.

VPN is Your Preferences Over TOR

If you prefer VPN over Tor, you can because this method is usable. Keep it in mind that it is not secure similar to TOR. VPN is opposite to Tor because it is not safe identical to Tor. When signals go through a Tor network, your ISP can see that you are trying to connect to Tor nodes.
It will indicate that you are attempting to access the deep/dark web. Remember, a simple foray in some countries, such as the USA can get you in trouble. This method can be useful if you can trust your ISP, but not a VPN provider. It will help you to bypass obstructed Tor nodes. With this method, you can’t avoid end-to-end timing attacks.

Install Disposable OS or a VM

Try to surf on the deep/dark web with virtual software instead of installed windows. You can control malware in a virtual environment. If you want to protect your physical storage device, you will need a virtual atmosphere. Feel free to use a disposable OS (operating system). It is convenient to deploy and avoid troubles.
Make sure to have a thumb drive, one installation package and a few minutes to manage things. See these instructions to install the TAILS operating system.
Buy a thumb drive of 8GB or more. Download an installation package for Tails OS from the web. Remember, Tails is a Linux-based operating system. You can boot it from a DVD or USB stick.
Insert a stick and start an instant format. Make sure to use FAT32 to root out possible compatibility issues. It will take almost a few seconds.
Download a universal USB installer and install it.
Fire up this USB installer and choose a “Linux Distribution” from a dropdown menu on the USB. Choose Tails.
Now you will choose Ubuntu destop.iso and tap on the browse button. Pick the downloaded tails .img file.
Pick USB Flash Drive Letter and use a dropdown box to pick up a letter for your thumb drive. If you do not see any option, tap on “now showing drives” option.
Review the information and tap “Create” once you are finished.
This procedure may take almost 5 – 30 minutes based on your device. After installation, you can use a virtual atmosphere to browse the hidden wiki. If you want to configure Tails, restart your computer. Choose the right Booth Menu Key with the use of a keyboard. You have to wait until Tails OS boot. Make sure to have the latest version of the Onion Router.