Great Ideas to Stay Safe on the Hidden Wiki

Nowadays, the hidden wiki is becoming famous among dark web users. You can buy illegal products, child abuse videos and images, drugs, etc. No doubt, you will get a fusion of legal and illicit products on the hidden wiki and other similar sites.
Sometimes, you can get good material on the hidden wiki, such as a lost book, medicine, lecture, etc. Try to use the dark web for legal purposes because illegal things can put you in hot water. It is not safe to visit the deep or dark web because you can unknowingly hit a prohibited link. For this reason, understand the right method to visit the dark web.

The Hidden Wiki Links

Safety is Important for the Dark Web Users

It is easy to access the dark web, but you will need some safety precautions to avoid possible troubles. Before visiting any website, you have to think about your privacy and security. Make sure to use a VPN to anonymize and encrypt your internet traffic.
Make sure to install an up-to-date antivirus program on your device. It will help you to stop intruders from intercepting your data. Hackers may not get access to your online actions. An antivirus program can protect your computer from virus infection.
Along with an antivirus program, you must have a VPN to protect your identity. It will save you from possible troubles when you are surfing the deep web or surface web. In the presence of a VPN, your ISP, hackers and governments will be clueless about your activities.
Make sure to choose a high-quality VPN provider to get protection for multiple devices simultaneously. They provide you with strong encryption and extra safety measures. You can buy a premium VPN subscription for your dark web adventure.

How to explore the dark web?

Dark web or deep web requires you to use the Tor browser. Remember, it is an unregulated part of the internet. Unfortunately, no government, business or organization can apply rules on this web. For this reason, you are responsible for your safety. With your normal browser, you can’t reach websites ending in .onion. Normal websites end with .org or .com, but URLs of the dark web end with .onion.

Directory of Dark Web

If you want to avoid possible troubles, here are some essential terms to understand related to the dark web. These terms and abbreviations are indistinct to newcomers.
2FA (Two-factor authentication): It is an important method to increase the security of your account. You should not depend on your password only. Make sure to enter the 2nd type of method for identification to get access to your dark web account. It can be easy with your smartphone.
Alphabay: After the original Silk Road, it was the biggest market of the dark web. Numerous buyers flocked to this market after the shutdown of Silk Road. Though, it didn’t endure for long.
Blockchain: It is essential technology of Bitcoin. It works similar to a public ledger to ensure maximum compliance across different users. Blockchain theoretically decreases the need for private banks.
BTC: It is an acronym for Bitcoins. People use it widely for popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
Bridges: These are nodes that people can use to access a Tor network, even a banned network. A bridge can help you to break geographical restrictions and enter this network from a different location. This term is used to bypass local barriers. A few people use this term to circumvent an ISP.
Clearnet: It refers to everything available on the internet through search engines, including Google.
CP: Child Pornography is referred to as CP. The dark web has numerous pedophile networks for their members to exchange illicit materials. Members of law enforcement are trying to stop these networks.Darknet: It is a synonym for the deep/dark web. This term encompasses a wide range of hidden services (without any technological restriction). Tor networks specially offer these services.
HS: It is a short form of hidden services. These services are hidden, especially because they can’t track the IP address of users.
LE/LEA: This term is a short form of Law Enforcement or Law Enforcement Agencies.
PGP: It means pretty good privacy. This term reflects a cryptographic method used by thousands of people regularly.
Red Rooms: This is a myth because red rooms mean depraved fantasies instead of morbid realities.
Satoshi Nakamoto: Remember, it is a pseudonym for the architect or creator of Bitcoin. It can be a combination of different names contributed to the creation of Bitcoin.

Tails: It means “The Amnesiac Incognito Live System”. It is a live Linux version to install an operating system on a device.
Tor: An onion router to arrive at the dark web anonymously.
Is it possible to shut down the dark web?
Tor network is available to anyone with an internet connection. Numerous servers are available; therefore, this network is becoming decentralized. It has links in different countries, and you can’t turn it off from one location.

Remember, networks are powerful because you can’t turn them off from a location. If you are pulling the plug of a network from America, it will still work in other parts of the world. No doubt, the United States can’t shut down this network, but they are taking its advantage. Their intelligence agencies are using a channel to covert communications.

It is a great tool for political activities. For this reason, the dark web is dangerous and beneficial simultaneously. If they want to shut this network down, they need cooperation and compliance of dozens of countries. For example, to shut down a marijuana selling market (Dutch), the US needs the cooperation of Dutch Europol, police, authorities and members of agencies.
To take down a website, the cooperation of almost ten different agencies is required. It can be tricky to talk to everyone to take only a part down. For this reason, it is not possible to completely shut down the dark web.

The Onion Router (TOR)

You will need TOR (free open-sourced software) as a browser. Unlike traditional browsers, it can help you to access the hidden wiki and other websites as an anonymous user. Keep it in mind that Tor networks are famous for their high level of encryption. Searches will travel through nodes on a network.
Each node will become a part of encryption and allow you to land on your desired website. This procedure can keep you anonymous and protect you from identity theft. With the help of Tor, you will get access to the entire web. It will help you to hide your IP address, your identity and other information. Make sure to use Tor browsers in the combination of a VPN for maximum privacy and security. To access the dark web, you have to take these crucial steps:
Install a suitable VPN on your machine and turn it on
Install updated antivirus software on your machine
Download a Tor browser and install it
Start Tor browser (Script running must be forbidden in Tor)
Change necessary security settings of Tor
Surf a dark web, such as the hidden wiki.

Keep it in mind; the dark web is a dangerous place. You can easily get malware or attention of hackers. They can affect your devices, so pay attention to security measures.